NOST celebratory cake

Inflowmatix were delighted to present the NOST (Network Optimisation Support Technician) team at Severn Trent Water with a cake to celebrate the achievement of over 1,000 deployments of InflowSense™ high frequency pressure monitoring devices which form a primary infeed into the InflowSys™ analytics platform.

Following the event, Tom Swain, Network Optimisation Lead for Nottingham and Derbyshire said: “Over the past months, we have forged a great relationship with Inflowmatix, using the InflowSense™ device across our region to identify more pressure surges than ever before, and in incredible detail. This data & visibility has been vital in allowing us to better understand our asset base, and to create a calm and stable network. We are really looking forward to working with Inflowmatix to continue development in this area, and help make a step change in pressure surge and monitoring across the water industry.”

Robin Bell, COO at Inflowmatix said: “Working with the NOST team has been a great experience for us. This close collaboration has given Inflowmatix tremendous insights into the critical part our InflowSys™ solution can play in enabling water network operators to obtain actionable insights that directly contribute to achieving critical objectives inherent in their PR19 submissions.”